— May 19, 2020

Approaching Viewing Homes In The Wake Of A Pandemic?

The pandemic has brought almost every aspect of our day-to-day life to a halt. People have stopped traveling, are following social distancing protocols, and many businesses are closed. However, this pandemic isn't going to last forever, and life...

— Mar 18, 2020

Spring Cleaning Your New Home OKC

No matter how unlikely it seems, now might be a good time to spring clean your house. It is incredibly beneficial, especially for those suffering from allergies. Cleaning your home doesn't just involve getting rid of dirt, but the various allergens...

— Feb 25, 2020

Maintaining Your Manchester Home

So, you have settled into your new home at one of the best new neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. We at Manchester Homes want you to keep your home in the best working order forever!

— Jan 20, 2020

Goal setting for the year 2020

Most of us are very enthusiastic at the start of the New Year. We feel the need to do something different, and it’s why we make New Year resolutions and commitments. Some of the most common resolutions include being more productive at work,...

— Dec 22, 2019

Celebrating The Holidays In YOUR New Home