Maintaining Your Manchester Home

Posted on 25th February, 2020



So, you have settled into your new home at one of the best new neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. We at Manchester Homes want you to keep your home in the best working order forever!
We would love to have you - our proud homeowners, maintaining your homes with pride and joy.


What Is Home Maintenance?

A new home is a significant investment. The advantage of owning a Machester home is that it will appreciate in value over time given that it is well maintained. One of the ways to keep the value of your beloved home rising is to periodically check and indulge in routine maintenance tasks that can easily be carried out by you. Maintaining your home is just like maintaining your car. Timely checkups can do wonders to keep it in like new condition.

Maintaining the condition of your home can be as simple as keeping your furnace clean or the upkeep of your home's exterior structures, lawn and landscaping.

Where Do You Start?

Work with the seasons: Different seasons require different maintenance activities. We have drawn up an exhaustive list, categorized by each season.



This time of the year entails for you to carry out cleaning activities both inside your home and outside. Make sure you:

    •    Inspect and clean gutters
    •    Survey the trees and your lawn and its hedges
    •    Touch up the home exterior with a coat of paint
    •    Check your HVAC system, plumbing, and even the chimney



We know you would love to do nothing more than relax and sip cool beer. However, the summer season also entails these types of repairs:

    •    Make sure your sprinklers are working
    •    Hose down the deck and children’s play area
    •    Disinfect your home to get rid of bugs, rodents, and other pests
    •    Clean the air-conditioning filters to keep it in top shape and reverse the ceiling fan setting for a gentle breeze.



Prepare your home for the dark winter days ahead. Some minor home improvement remedies you can do are:

    •    Raking the leaves
    •    Inspect and add insulation
    •    Disconnect the water hose before temperature drops and freezes or bursts pipes.
    •    Stock up on firewood
    •    Clean, close and cover the pool.



    •    Install or inspect storm windows
    •    Inspect the chimney
    •    Check whether smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working
    •    Inspect your generator for possible power outages.

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