What Does Green Homebuilder Mean?

Posted on 7th January, 2014

grnHouse.jpgYou see the term green homebuilding more and more frequently these days, but what does that mean? Is green home construction really all that different from what the masses of custom homebuilders build? You bet!


As a company who made the commitment years ago to move to total green residential construction, we knew that it was much more than efficient procedures and not being wasteful with material and resources. We wanted to pursue this with accuracy and dedication to excellence while at the forefront of this movement in Oklahoma homebuilders. We believe in the credibility of well-respected associations and felt that earning a spot on the list of certified green homebuilders was the wisest next-step in this direction.


As a Certified Green Professional through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), we have completed a rigorous course on cost-effective strategies for incorporating green home building principles. Additionally, we stay fully informed on green building trends and developments by successfully completing required continuing education credits.


We commit to sustainable home construction that maximizes resources, minimizes environmental impact, and educates the homeowner on high performance building with each step of the home building process. We consciously choose to increase energy efficiency, both in materials for the home envelope as well as the internal systems and appliances. We focus on resource conservation without devaluing the homes and choose products that preserve the indoor environmental quality. So when you invest in a Manchester Green Home, you know that you’re truly getting a green home.