Spring Decor Ideas for Your New Home

Posted on 20th April, 2018



1. Bring in nature


With trees and plantings in full bloom in the outdoor spaces, why not carry the same theme indoors? Use leaf print wallpaper or motifs to create beautiful accent walls. If you really like the natural look, use subtle leaf pattern wallpaper on all walls in your room. Accessorize various areas with leaf print pillows, leafy green plants, including palms and ferns to complete the look.


2. Add a tabletop terrarium


Create a mini tabletop greenscape to recharge the appearance of a nook in your home.  Adding a tray table makes it very easy to move your plants near the natural light streaming in from open windows. Place plants that share watering and light needs but vary in color & texture for  fresh springtime displays in glass terrariums.


3. Paint is the way to go


Painting new homes OKC in the lively colors of spring is one of the best ways of altering the look of the indoor spaces. Choose springtime colors, like soft violets, mauves, vibrant yellows, pretty pinks or even stunning reds and arresting blues. In fact, any color that makes you feel refreshed and happy will work. But using lighter shades is the best way to lend a more cheery look to the room.


4. Add accents


If you like the wall color of your new home and don’t feel the need to change it right away, you can still do some simple makeovers that create an impact. Adding accent pieces such as throw rugs, wall paintings or colorful vases full of fresh flowers and leaves, can transform the look of any room. If you have a birdbath, place it indoors and create a display with willow branches, spring-flowering bulbs, and moss. The miniature garden can uplift the look of any console table or side table.


5. Window treatments that wow


Sometimes, all it takes are some pretty window treatments to bring the essence of spring into the indoor spaces. Use pretty, floral-pattern Roman roller shades, simple floral panels made of light and sheer materials. The idea is to allow the light to filter through. You can find sheers in various punchy patterns and petty pale colors too.


In addition to these things, add some simple flower artwork and accessories like cushions with floral patterns and textured cotton rugs to create the look you want.


Spring is the perfect time to move into your new home. For any information on our custom new homes Oklahoma and green home building services, feel free to call Manchester Green Homes at 405.787.7242. You can also fill out this Online Form and we will get in touch with you shortly.