Building Luxury Homes in Oklahoma

Posted on 21st May, 2018


Finding an ideal home can be difficult and most prospective owners spend months exploring all options available in the market. While some find their dream homes in existing properties, others are forced to compromise or settle. A residential property can be a substantial investment, so why settle on something that doesn’t meet most of your requirements? At Manchester Homes, we provide a good alternative in the form of new homes in OKC.

What are the Advantages of Custom Homes?

Custom homes have many advantages that regular ones don’t, which makes them a worthwhile investment. While older homes have their own charm, newer ones are always a better alternative and here are some reasons why:

    •    Save Money – Money is often the reason why people buy old homes instead of freshly built ones. Many fail to take long-term costs into consideration, which can exceed the cost of a new home by a considerable margin over time. Older homes have older fixtures, installations, appliances, plumbing or electrical systems, and even building material. This means owners face frequent repairs, replacements, or damages. The costs eventually add up, which is why new homes are a better choice. While they can experience problems, you won’t experience many. That will help save money over time. 

    •    New Fixtures and Appliances – New homes have modern fixtures, appliances, and other such components. These are well-built, durable, and have a number of additional features that can make daily chores easy. Older appliances or fixtures might not provide the same benefits. 

    •    Green Homes - Homes can be a burden on the environment if they’re not planned carefully. Some components are made from hazardous materials, some emit harmful VOC gas and pollute the environment. Appliances, electrical systems, and plumbing can consume more energy than needed, which can also lead to more expensive bills. As experienced builders of new homes in Oklahoma, we know how to plan and design environmentally friendly properties with good quality materials. 

    •    There’s no Need to Remodel – Remodeling can be a tiresome and expensive affair. Unfortunately, it is essential if you purchase an old home and want it to fit personal requirements. New homes are customized to your requirements, in good condition, and don’t require repairs. You can choose plans, request additions or extensions, and even choose paint colors before moving into your chosen home.

New homes also have a sentimental value, especially if they are custom designed. Property owners are more attached because the space feels personal. No one else has ever lived there, which can deepen the attachment to your home.

We provide well-built new homes in OKC. All of our properties are located in great communities like Edmond, Deer Creek, Oakdale, and Mustang. Our company also has many floor plan options so clients can find something that suits their requirements perfectly.

If you want to know more about new homes in Oklahoma or our service, get in touch with Manchester Homes. Call 405 787 7242 for assistance.