— May 15, 2015

This simple, but necessary home task is often overlooked.

So we’ve been blogging consistently for a couple of years, now, and more often than not, our topics are of the list

— Apr 30, 2015

Adults enjoy playing in the dirt, too: Spring Gardening in Oklahoma

With the final freeze long behind us, and sunny days outstretched ahead, we are finding ourselves eager to step outdoors and

— Mar 25, 2015

It's what we walk on....

And sit on, and lie on, and jump around on, and

— Jan 30, 2015

Before Buying Your Home

As we move further into 2015, many families are looking to move homes, too.

— Dec 31, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

We can sing these words worry free this year if we follow the energy saving advice in this article.