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With a strong focus on value, Manchester Homes has been a leading builder of high performance new homes in the Oklahoma City area since 1999.  In 2008 we developed a new product line of Certified Green Homes built under the new name of Manchester Green Homes. Coming in a a slightly lower price point, we also have a product line of high performance homes in our Manchester Elite Homes division that share many of the same features of our Green Homes but do not carry the Certified Green Designation. Our mission is to build a better home that should last longer, cost less to maintain and operate and offer a healthier indoor environment for you and your family. These features are not only good for you and your family, but they’re good for our planet as well.

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— Nov 17, 2015

R44 Attic Insulation in our Custom Built Homes in Oklahoma

It’s not uncommon to hear...

— Oct 15, 2015

Low-e Argon Filled Gas Windows are Standard in our Green Home Building

Today, in our ongoing series...

— Aug 16, 2015

Low VOC Paints and Why We Use Them

As we continue our goal of...

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